Review CANON 7D

Canon had success with its EOS 5D series in the middle class. Now, the 5D has gone up to 5D Mark II class. In order for strong position is not vacant, was born 7D. 5D-class strength, but this series can record Full High Definition (Full HD)
We start from the sensor design. EOS 7D think we have a unique sensor. Although overwhelmed by 18 million pixels in the sensor measuring 22.3 x 14.9 millimeters (APS-C), the resulting images remain smooth uninterrupted 7D noise commonly found in small-megapixel sensor is great.

This happened thanks to the latest technology coupled photodiodes with gapless microlens technology applied in the Canon 7D. Gapless microlens itself is a technology shrink the distance between the micro lens in the sensor so that light falls stay focused with a shorter distance. That is why, in the same sensor surface EOS 7D can accommodate more pixels.
However, sensor technology would be meaningless without a good focus accuracy is not it? Well, for this focus issue Canon also do some repairs. One of them by instilling 19 point focus sensors deployed from the center of the frame to the vertical and horizontal lines.
Focal points had been able to fully customized according to the location of the object. Featured at the focal point of this zone can also help you choose the right sharpness when the camera is positioned landscape or portrait.

Live View
In the past, live view function on a professional camera is taboo. But EOS 7D have it, and proved quite helpful, especially when taking corners hard. Provided a separate button to activate the live view and easily accessible by the right thumb. The same button also serves to activate the video recorder on the camera. So while recording a video, you can instantly capture still images (still) by pressing the same button.
Focus in Live View mode EOS 7D EOS is better than previous versions. That annoying shutter lag is now better handled Canon. From our experience trying to live view on children's activities, 7D can take almost all the beautiful moments that exist.
The only problem we encountered using live view of this focus on low luminous space. Focusing system in live view mode bit "confused" when finding objects with low contrast.
Oh yes, one thing to watch is when the video recording mode is active. You can only measure the current focus of the recording will start. Afterwards, the focus should be rotated manually. We think this function should be corrected in the next series Canon.
We give two thumbs up for the speed of this camera. Continuous shooting mode 7D owned upscale seemed like Canon cameras. Imagine, eight for second frame capable of taking fast movements without pause, which means even at the highest resolution 7D. This most likely can be done thanks to the stock 2 pieces typical Canon Digic 4 processor embedded in the 7D.

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