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Reporting Software

So far, you've heard a lot of software products outside sana.Namun if you're still confused, here's the short explanation requires a system that really make quick & easy report design with unmatched time savings throughout the report and document creation process. One that eliminates the IT bottleneck.

The solution is on the layout in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This will give you the quick creation of templates designed for business professionals. And you need access to all your data SQL, XML, Excel spreadsheets and other data

Document Generation Software

there is a document reporting software, also known as the "Document Generation" software ,and "a dynamic document composition" creating a revolution in the business world, allowing you to focus on expressing your business idea, and let you forget about how want. The result, therefore, instant reports or presentations.However, one question remains unanswered: there are commercial and free tools out there that can do the job - so why bother trying to Windward Reports? Why not choose, say, an alternative free software, and save money?

Yes, you can have it all and enjoy it!!!

The reason you want to try Windward Reports is that competition change your dream to produce content quickly and automatically becomes a nightmare. And why is that? Well, first you must understand that the competition forces you to accept a different definition of what technical and SQL statements and what the XML report: not define reporting only as a file with data that are useful, they understand the "reporting" as a time to retrieve data from database and change it, into, say, file an intermediary, and then you run another program for processing the intermediary files so you can get the format you want. Confusing? Oh, it gets better. See how it goes for someone who just wants to get the job done.

For someone who does not have a programmer, this means using a program to get data from the database (which will probably mean going through the SQL tutorial in the process - just, you know, to make your life a little more difficult), and let this program produce software reporting , say, an XML file that contains the data it can. Right after that, you will run another program so you can choose the format you want to output XML file to: can include HTML files, PDF, excel reports, and so forth. What is the sound clear now? No? Well, it's because most companies are developing for developers - not for end users.

Windward report, on the other hand, understand you. Contrary to the competition, does not change the dream into a nightmare. The reason is it is so big, in fact, is the fact that your dreams come true. First, install a special ribbon into Microsoft Office - a tool you already know how to use, which means you will have a low learning curve - and then, with the power of Windward Engine, you can retrieve data from SQL or XML report consolidated database by clicking the button. Plus, if you want to create a new template (but do not have a designer on hand), Windward's Autotag install itself in the Word, allowing you to create templates that are very professional in minutes.

The advantage of this, despite being amazing, not only reporting software Windward's on offer: the same as previously stated, you can create your reports in various formats, like any tool around. However, unlike the competition - and because, as mentioned previously, it is deeply integrated into Microsoft Office, you can get instant reports (yes, follow your definition of reports) in the following format (but not limited to them):

RTF and DOCX (Microsoft Word)
PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint)
XLS and xlsx (Microsoft Excel - no more worries about trying to read excel tutorial to learn how to insert an "input data" or to make your presentation "look professional")
HTML reports (they show in every browser)
PDF (suitable to print your documents everywhere)

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