the difference between INTEL and AMD :


Plus :
1. Intel processors outperform AMD processors in most cases
2. easy to improve performance (overclock)

3. very stable in use for demanding applications and multi-tasking

4. Small power consumption with high performance

5. Intel CPU do have a reputation for generating less heat

7. very rapid development of processor technology
8. Intel processors generally have double the amount of L2 cache

Minus :
1.More expensive than AMD

2. if there is a new processor, typically using a new motherboard socket. So we arerequired to replace the motherboard too.

3. The number of variants can confuse

4. design graphic is not too good for the game


Plus :
1.have a good graphic design for game

2. AMD processors are generally much cheaper than their equivalent from Intel

3. Usually the new processors from AMD could still use the old series motherboards (Backward Compatibility)

4.Integrated Memory Controller Enables Processor to perform direct memory access without passing throughcthe Northbridge chipset first

5.Transfer rate data more speed than Intel


1.Tend to lose their performance than intel

2. Brand Image which is less embedded in the user's computer, which averaged only recognized Intel as a supplier of processors.

3. heat faster processor

4.difficult to improve performance

5.slightly lags behind Intel's technology

6. Higher power consumption

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