Update Database Transfer Terbaru Football Manager 2015

Haloo agan-agan pecinta football manager di Indonesia, kali ini saya mau update transfer pemain football manager 2015. Database Update Transfer pemain Football Manager 2016 ini dipersembahkan oleh Whizzkids.

Lalu apa sajakah update Transfer Pemain Football Manager 2015 ? Yang di update dari Database Football Manager 2015 adalah :

*Players released from clubs.
*All loans undone.
*Contract extensions.
*Manager and staff changes.
*Future transfers already completed.
*Promotions and relegations done.
*45 potential FM16 wonderkids added.
*Parma relegated to Serie D and an amateur club.
*European spots altered.
*Thousands of raised reputations of players, meaning you do not have to load those league they play in, to use them.
*Transfer budgets altered and ongoing.

Lebih dari 35000 item yang berubah.

Database Transfer Pemain Liga-liga yang Update pada Database Football Manager 2016 ini adalah sebagai berikut:
  • All in England
  • All in Scotland
  • Italy (top 2 divisions)
  • Portugal (top 2 divisions)
  • Spain (top 2 divisions)
  • Germany (top 2 divisions)
  • France (top 2 divisions)
  • Holland
Semua Transfer terbaru Football Manager 2015 adalah update dari musim panas 2015.

Bagaimana cara menggunakan atau install Database Transfer Terbaru Football Manager 2015 :
    1. Copy the downloaded File to: “Your Documents” > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2015 > Editor Data

      (*Jika belum ada foldernya maka buat terlebih dahulu)

      Download Database Pemain Football Manager 2015 Disini

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